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How I Can Help Your Company

I am a corporate-attorney-turned-Certified Health Coach (you can read more here) who provides 1-on-1 health coaching and workplace wellness services to busy & stressed professionals who want to prioritize self-care, eat well, and move more.  I work with companies of all varieties through lunch & learns and workshops provided on-site to their employees.

I provide workplace wellness seminars on topics such as stress/mindfulness, quitting sugar, improving gut health, packing healthy lunches, food prep, and more.  I can also tailor workshops to fit a company’s specific needs or interests.

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As a former corporate attorney, I offer a unique and real-world perspective to your employees on work-life balance. All of my advice and recommendations are science-based and I do not promote or sell any products.

Here are some of the ways I can add to your workplace wellness offerings:

  • Seminars or lunch-and-learns on various topics such as: moving “waste” from your waist, self-care, stress, meditation, mindfulness, food prep/planning, fitness, and healthy habit and goal setting;
  • Online courses that you can offer for free or at a discount to participate in as a group;
  • Workplace Wellness Assessments to target your company and employees’ specific needs;
  • On-site private health coaching for individual or groups of employees; and
  • Retreat planning services.


Why Offer Wellness at Work? 

Did you know…

  • 10% of ALL corporate costs in America are due to healthcare (approx. $73 Billion).
  • Studies show a return on investment (ROI) of $3.27 for every $1 spent on employee wellness programs. (Aflac Study) (Health Affairs)
  • 30% of self-reporting employees report experiencing depression or depression-like symptoms, which effects health, productivity, and retention.
  • Employees are 3x more likely to take action to improve their own health when working for a company with a strong wellness culture. (Global Health Services)
  • Companies that implemented workplace wellness programs saw a 28% decrease in employees calling out sick. (IHCC)
  • A person diagnosed with diabetes spends approx. $13,700/year on healthcare expenses. (
  • By 2018, it’s estimated that obesity will cost the U.S. $344 billion/year (President’s Council on Fitness)
  • By 2030, it’s estimated that 50% of all American adults will be obese. (President’s Council on Fitness)
  • “Illness-related absenteeism is an obvious factor in productivity. Less obvious but probably more significant is presenteeism—when people come to work but underperform because of illness or stress. Research consistently shows that the costs to employers from health-related lost productivity dwarf those of health insurance.” (Harvard Business Review)

How Can Offering Workplace Wellness Programs Benefit Your Company?

  • Direct savings may be available through your health insurance carrier for implementing Workplace Wellness programs.
  • Indirect savings such as: fewer sick days, increased productivity, increased employee retention, and increased energy amongst the workforce.
  • A great recruitment tool to attract the best & the brightest to join your team.
  • As millennials grow amongst the workforce, they will look for and expect these types of services at work.

Who I Can Help

I work with businesses all of types, including those in the legal, medical, higher education, financial, construction, and engineering sectors, that would like to:

  • Save money on their health insurance premiums.
  • Cultivate a work environment that supports their employees’ health and wellness.
  • Increase their employees’ productivity.
  • Decrease absenteeism, missed time, and paid/unpaid leave.
  • Attract and recruit the best and brightest employees by showcasing their companies’ wellness benefits.
  • Learn how they can offer a healthier office environment as a means of boosting morale and increasing energy.

What company doesn’t want those things?

 Contact Us

Looking for more information on how we can help your business?  Email Sam ( today to get the free Corporate Wellness guide!  It details the benefits to offering wellness at work and which presentations will work best for you.  I’d love to talk with you about what Hygge has to offer your business!

Or, head here to submit my contact form: Contact us for more information!

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