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Good news!  I’m running a free 14-Day Healthy Holidays Challenge group from December 4th – 17th as a way to keep everyone healthy & motivated this holiday season.  It is 100% FREE!  Why not join?  If you join the challenge, here’s what you’ll get:

  • 2 weeks’ worth of healthy meal & approachable fitness ideas.
  • A daily email for 14-days (December 4th-17th) from me with motivation, inspiration, healthy tips & ideas, and recipes.
  • Access to my private Facebook group (<— click or search “14-Day Healthy Holidays Challenge”) &
  • Special giveaways & prizes given to the 2 people who participate & encourage the group the most each week.  My gift to you for participating!

Already know you want in?  It’s completely free & only takes 2 steps to join!

1. Enter your first name & email below to receive a daily dose of motivation from December 4th-December 17th (as well as each week’s meal & fitness ideas); and then…

Join the *free* 14-Day Healthy Holidays Challenge! Sign up to receive our emails here:

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2. Join the private Facebook group HERE!  The FB group is optional, but highly recommended!


You Should Join This Group If You Want To…

– Stay motivated, inspired & connected to others trying to get or stay healthy this holiday season; OR
– You want to motivate, inspire & connect with others on the same journey you’re on — to feel the best you absolutely can.

This group is for people who:

– Want to encourage & inspire others to be healthy in a positive way
– Are looking for healthy recipe & fitness ideas
– Want accountability by way of joining a group
– Love to lift others up and watch them succeed
– Desire to use this holiday season to get AHEAD, not fall behind, with your health.
– Want to connect & build relationships (either online or in “real life”) with others trying to be the healthiest  version of themselves.

So just enter your email & first name here to join the Challenge, and head here to join the Facebook group.  That’s it!  So easy.

Have any questions? Please email Sam or pop over to our Facebook page.  I can’t wait to get to know all of you more!

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