Why You Need to Ditch Diets Today

Hi, friends! If you live in the Northeast, I hope you’re enjoying this unexpected snow day. The good and bad part of working at home these days is that I don’t have to skip a beat when we get bad weather. I do take these days a little easier than usual, though. You only live once, right?! ☺️

So today we’re talking all about diets, why they haven’t worked for you in the past, and why they won’t work for you in the future.

You might be someone who tried several diets — think SouthBeach, Atkins, no-fat, low-fat, no-carb, only-kale type of diets — and had a miserable time with them.

You might have blamed yourself for the diet’s failure… you just need to try harder, you need to stick to it more strictly, you need to try a different diet that restricts a different macro-nutrient and THAT one will work.

I’m here today to deliver some much needed, relieving news. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DIET ANYMORE. In fact, dieting itself is probably the reason you’re not losing, or are gaining, weight.

You think I’m crazy right? How could dieting be the reason you’re gaining or not losing weight? One word: stress.

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Diets fail you because they increase stress on your body and mind. When our bodies and minds experience an increase in stress, we don’t lose weight. Our bodies panic at our sudden decision to deprive it of energy (food) and scramble to send help (cortisol).

And do you know what cortisol does to your body? It makes you hang on to what you’ve already got because it’s afraid — it’s afraid it might be starving & it’s afraid it might need energy stores.

On an emotional and mental level, dieting causes us the type of stress that lends itself to emotional and binge eating. Even though you might not be able to tell that the type of stress you feel internally is related to depriving or under-nourishing your body, you’re probably reaching for sweets or snacks as a response to such stress. (If you want to talk about what this looks like for you & how we can stop that stress in its tracks, schedule your *free* 50-minute Connection Call with me here).

We reach for “feel good” foods in moments of stress — foods that have just the right amount of grease, fat, sugar, salt & white-floury goodness.

But why are we even reaching for that stuff in the first place? And why are we using food to fill us up emotionally? Because we’re not practicing self-care & taking care of ourselves.

If you eat through your emotions or binge eat out of boredom, sadness, or frustration, you should ask yourself…

If you approach food as a fulfilled, happy person, you eat to nourish & fuel your body instead of to fill some void. When you approach food as a fulfilled person, you make sound, informed decisions about foods you actually want to eat.  Foods that actually make us feel good — both in the moment & long after.

“AHA!” you might say,”so this is why Sam’s touted self-care all these months! It’s actually the key to getting & maintaining the weight & body you want!”

Yes! I should have made it clearer sooner, but I’m learning this whole blogging thing ☺️  Let me explain…

I’ve touched on it before, but I never had to think about what I ate or how much I exercised until I graduated from law school. I began my first job at a firm and boom, my life was changed. In the office, I sat 8+ hours per day and was constantly bombarded by sweets, lunches out, and drinks after work. Out of the office, I did nothing to re-charge or feel good again.

I realized pretty quickly I needed to make drastic changes.  I was not happy with how I looked or felt (tired & cranky).

Like most Type-As, I figured I just needed to find a strict, detailed plan & stick to it. So I did just that! I bought Tone It Up, tried following the plan, and tried keeping up with the 2x/day (!!) workouts (<—- shocking, I failed miserably at this.)

I tried giving up certain foods or food groups. I tried “eating clean” Monday – Friday, only to “cheat” on the weekends. Yet, I couldn’t stick to anything. I figured I just had no willpower or control. Looking back, not only was I stressed out in life (hello, law!), but I stressed my body out by restricting food & engaging in intense exercise.

Even when I strictly followed a plan and started to see results, I didn’t feel any better. I wasn’t any happier. Everything in my life didn’t magically fix itself. And all those things I put off until I reached that magical goal weight? I never did them because I still didn’t feel fulfilled.

Later on, I realized I was looking for something to control because I didn’t know how to follow my life’s purpose. It was easier to focus on my waist size or food intake than my future.

Around the time I discovered self-care, I decided I would follow my life’s true purpose (making health & wellness easy, intuitive & fun for all). I stopped using “when / then” statements and decided to live my best life NOW. I wanted more happiness in my life & I knew it was up to me to cultivate it.

And what do you know… just like that, my weight totally normalized & stabilized. You know from following my Daily Eats series that I eat pretty well, but don’t deny myself anything either. That’s because when I stopped dieting / depriving myself, I realized…

diets samantha vander wielen hygge wellness self-care health coachSo here’s why you should ditch that diet & shift your focus to one of true joy & fulfillment…

Ditching dieting is the nasty secret the diet industry doesn’t want you to learn. They’ve convinced us that we just need to exert more control, energy, or willpower to “finally make it stick”.  I know it sounds counterintuitive, but there are so many resources to show that the stress diets put our bodies & minds through actually inhibits weight loss.

Since we can’t possibly talk about everything in 1 post. Next week, I’ll write all about the connection between joy + natural weight loss/maintenance.

If you want to talk about how ditching diets for a fuller, more joyous life could help you achieve your goals, schedule your free 50-minute Connection Call today. It’s your chance to chat (by phone – so you can live anywhere!) about how it would feel to free yourself of diets & restrictions. You can schedule your time in 1-click here

Additional reading on why diets don’t work:

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