Hi, there! I’m back with my 2nd post in my new Q&A Series and I’m super, super excited about today’s guest, Simi Botic. Simi and I have a similar background and journey into the health & wellness field. We both used to practice corporate law and have since transitioned into full-time health coaching.

But that’s just Simi on the surface. Beyond her professional resume, Simi is an absolutely wonderful person. She was kind enough to talk to me a year ago when I was really freaking out about taking the leap to change careers. Whether she knows it or not, she’s had such a huge impact on me & my life. She inspired me to follow my passion & to ignore everything else.

Sometimes you just need someone who’s walked a mile (or more!) in your shoes to tell you everything’s going to be OK.  Simi was totally that person for me.

Simi is also a fantastic holistic health coach & has so much to offer women wanting to improve their relationship with their bodies + themselves. You can visit Simi on her (new & gorgeous) website here. You guys have to watch the video on her homepage, too! It’s so beautiful and I feel like it really captures what it’s like to work or speak with Simi.

I don’t want to delay you guys getting to know Simi any longer, so sit back, grab a cup of coffee & enjoy…

q&a series

Q: Hi, Simi! Thank you so much for joining me & my hygge tribe today. As you know, I’ve been a big fan of yours for years! But for those that don’t know you already, please introduce yourself:

A: Hi there! Thanks for having me! My name is Simi & I am a holistic health & lifestyle coach focusing on intuitive eating & self-care. I believe every woman deserves to feel confident in her body at any size, deeply know she is enough, and trust her intuition to guide her to live her authentic life. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband, son, & two pups! I love coffee, quality time with loved ones, & anything from the 90s. 

q&a series

Q: I love that we both have a such a strong passion for coffee ☺️ For those of you who don’t know already, Simi also used to be an attorney! Simi, tell us how you decided to leave the law and start your own health coaching business:

A: After I started practicing intuitive eating & connecting more with my own body, what I needed, & what brought me joy, I realized I could actually trust myself! That was a new concept for me because before I had really operated from a place of “what will others think about my decision(s)? What should I do?” I had worked with my own health coach & she encouraged me to become a health coach, too. I took a leap, got certified, & after my first session coaching a client I knew I had found something special! It lit me up like nothing else ever had. I have so much respect for the practice of law & saw many people practicing who loved it. I wanted to love my work as much as I saw them loving the law! So, I started this business.

Q: As you know, I can so relate to wanting to do something that lights you up! I think it’s so clear from your blog & social media posts that you’re doing something that lights you up everyday. So even exciting things can be super stressful.  How did you handle the stress of transitioning careers and making a huge change in your life?  Was there anything you did that got you through?

A: It was a crazy time, for sure! I did things that helped me stay grounded. I prayed a lot, worked with a coach to make sure I was getting the support I needed, talked to my family & friends a lot, & tried to sleep as much as possible. I also made certain things priorities, like taking a barre class or having food prepped that gave me energy, to keep me feeling filled up. 

Q: Those are all great ways to take care of yourself during a stressful or busy time! I love that you refer to them as “priorities” — it’s so true. We have to make ourselves as much of a priority as we do others.  So, you’re an intuitive eating expert! I’d love for you to talk to my readers a bit about how you would describe what intuitive eating looks & feels like:

A: To me, intuitive eating means having a normal, natural relationship with food. For me, it looks like checking in with my body, asking her what she needs, & then honoring that request as well as I can in that moment without judgment or “shoulds.”

Q: That’s such a great way to describe it! To me, intuitive or mindful eating is all about mindfully taking that moment to ask yourself what you need or want in the moment.  So could you describe a typical day of eats for you & how intuitive eating plays a role for us?:

q&a series

A: Every day is different because my body has different needs on different days. But, right now there are some common themes. I am breastfeeding so my body is craving a lot of fat & a lot of water. I also have a 6 month old baby & a business, so my body is craving coffee, too 😉 I eat a lot of simple things that I prep on the weekend for ease during the week that I can eat with one hand (since the other is often full of the baby!).

Right now, it’s a lot more snack style foods than it has been in the past, just based on this season of my life: apples dipped in peanut butter, veggies & hummus, oatmeal bites, hardboiled eggs, toast with coconut oil, & soups are all regular parts of the rotation! I also love to eat smoothie bowls, pizza, & donuts at my favorite spots around town. I try to eat foods that give my body what she needs, but also taste good, so that I can feel mentally & physically satisfied. I am gluten free because I have celiac disease, but otherwise enjoy food without rules/restrictions. 

Q: It sounds like you’re handling this season of your life beautifully & intuitively.  I always love your donut pictures, too! So can you give us 3 self-care ideas or tips you use to de-stress or live intentionally?:

A: For me it’s praying, connecting with my loved ones, & savoring the little moments to help me slow down (hellooooo beautiful morning cup of coffee!). 

Q: Yes, coffee! Always, always coffee ☺️ The biggest personal benefits or growth you’ve experienced since taking a leap and making such a big change in your life?

q&a series

A: I have so much more faith in the plan for my life & my purpose. This leap has taught me that I can do hard things & that life’s challenges are full of gifts. 

Q: Yes, definitely! And it’s so helpful to embrace & enjoy life’s gifts so the challenges are a little easier to handle.  Finally, what are your tips for someone out there who make want to make a big change in his or her life and doesn’t know where to start:

A: Knowing what you want to do means you’ve already started! Trust yourself enough to ask, “what is 1 thing I can do today to get closer to this new place that I want to go?” & then do that. As “they” say, the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. You can do this!!!

Thank you SO much, Simi!

Guys — isn’t she the coolest?! So wise beyond her years. And her baby boy, Osh, is just the cutest.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Simi a little bit better. Her journey is so inspiring to me & so many others, so I hope you took something away from it, too.

If you missed the first Q&A series post last week, you can check it out here (<— with Ashley Coyne, the Owner + Founder of Heart Beet Kitchen).

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