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Hi, friends! I’m so excited to kick off a new Q&A series here on the blog about women who have made (or are making) big changes in their lives to follow their dreams, passion, or purpose. Or maybe all 3! I know I am so inspired by each and every one of these women, so I hope you will be, too.

We’re kicking off the first Q&A in this new series with my friend &

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Why You Should Ditch the Scale [+ 5 better ways to measure your progress]

I’m just going to come out and say it: for the most part, weighing yourself is a huge waste of time. Unless, of course, you’re on the high school wrestling team and trying to make weight, there’s no point in looking to a number on the scale each day.

You might think I’m nuts or that I just don’t get how useful it is, but hear me out. You might think, “But how else will I know whether what I’m doing is working?!”

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Spring Clean Your Routine [5 ways to have the best spring ever]

Hi, there! Depending on where you live, it may or may not feel like Spring quite yet. Here in Jersey, it depends on the day. One day it’s in the 60’s and the next the 40’s. Regardless of whether the weather has caught up to the season for you, I hope you feel the pep in your step that Spring brings! If you feel like you need a spring cleaning, this post is for you.

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What’s Happening This Week (+ a free webinar tomorrow!)

Hi, friends! How is your week going? I’m just popping in quickly this morning to share with you a little bit about 2 free events going on this week. I designed 1 of the events to work for you no matter when you live (the free webinar) and the other is for my local friends (a free workshop at Heartbeet).  Busy week over here!

Plus, I’m working on a HUGE project I can’t wait to tell you more about.

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6 Time-Saving Healthy Living Apps & Services

Hi, friends! How are you? If you’re in the Northeast, I hope you made it through the snowstorm without much fuss. We lost power for most of the day here, but all-in-all it was a really nice, hygge day.  Since I’ve tried pretty much all healthy living apps or services out there which helps you save time (and $!), I thought I’d put all my favorite healthy resources into a blog post for you.

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Why You Need to Ditch Diets Today

Hi, friends! If you live in the Northeast, I hope you’re enjoying this unexpected snow day. The good and bad part of working at home these days is that I don’t have to skip a beat when we get bad weather. I do take these days a little easier than usual, though. You only live once, right?! ☺️

So today we’re talking all about diets, why they haven’t worked for you in the past,

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