Coffee Talk [February 2017]

Morning, all! I love it when some of my favorite bloggers share what’s going on in their lives. I spend so much time reading their posts and trying their recipes.  It’s great getting to ‘know them’ on a more personal level.  I am new to this whole thing, but I still want to know people on a more personal level. If we got to know in other in ‘real life’, I would totally ask you to grab coffee.  And since I’m from Jersey, I think I’m going to affectionately call this *new series* Coffee Talk.

So, let’s do just that…

But first, let me set the scene. I would love to meet up at a cozy coffee shop because, you know, hygge… I actually find it really hard to find a cozy coffee shop in South Jersey. It’s my dream to open one that’s not only cozy, but that serves healthy breakfast, snacks & to-go treats. I would probably remind you about that when we were picking a place for our coffee talk 😜

coffee talk hygge wellness health coach self-care

Once we picked a place, I would order a light roast coffee with almond or coconut milk. I don’t use sweetener in my coffee anymore. I might see whether the coffee shop had any homemade treats and use my “Is It Worth It?” principle of deciding whether or not it’s a treat even worth having.

As soon as we sat down, I’d ask what’s going on with you. I’d also wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

Here are 5 things going on in my life right now.

#1: I unintentionally purchased a self-care kit this weekend:

Ryan (my husband) and I went to the mall this weekend so I could use a gift card my brother-in-law & sister-in-law gave me from Williams & Sonoma for Christmas. I am guilty of having way too much cooking stuff. What can I say? I love to cook! So instead, I looked at what else they had. Did you guys know that if you have a W&S gift card, you can also use it at West Elm and Pottery Barn? Who knew!

self-care coffee talk hygge wellness

I’ve gotten better at purchasing things that either a) I need or b) make me feel comfy & cozy.  Looks like I went with b) on this one!  I ended up with the perfect self-care package (for me) because I love throws, getting cozy, drinking tea, and taking baths.  I know, I know. I’m an old lady at heart. My self-care package included:

#2: I’m writing an article for a magazine that I’m really excited about:

I’m writing an article for a magazine about the lessons I’ve learned leaving my career (being a lawyer) to chase my dream of helping others with health & food.  I am SO grateful for the experience and opportunity! I’ve actually learned so much just in having to write the article.

coffee talk self-care hygge wellness

It’s so difficult to process things when you’re in the thick of it. But with some perspective, it’s really nice to look back and see what you took away from the experience. Even if it was painful at the time.

#3: I’m super pumped about the show “Billions” coming back this weekend:

Do you guys watch Billions?! It’s so good! I love the power struggle between Chuck Rhoades, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY (played by Paul Giamatti) and Bobby Axelrod (played by Damian Lewis). I also love a show that keeps you on your toes. You really have no idea who’s worse at times, and that suspense and tension just makes it an awesome story.

Showtime is airing the first episode of the 1st season for free here.  The premiere of Season 2 is this Sunday (2/19).

#4: I was really inspired by a Podcast episode last week on “Staying in Your Own Lane”:

We had a 65 degree+ day last week that I just had to take advantage of, especially because we were set to have a snowstorm the next day. I like to take walks and listen to business-related (or health-related) podcasts while I walk.  I also think I’m craving a connection with other like-minded or similarly-situated young entrepreneurial women, so Podcasts are a great way to get to “know” & connect with those women.

So I sat by the water for a little to soak up the sun & think about everything I’d heard on the Podcast.

coffee talk self-care hygge wellness health coach

On my walk last week, I listened to Biz Time with Asia’s Podcast episode #208. One of my favorite bloggers, Paige, was on with her, too. They talked about “staying in your own lane,” which is a concept I talk about all the time, but that I’m also still working on.

Staying in your own lane is all about keeping your eyes on your path, not others. It’s actually super hard to do. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, feel like you’re doing something wrong (or at least not as well), and let it get to you.

I know this is something I’m really working hard to improve about myself. I want to stay in my own lane and focus on how I can help people who connect with me and my philosophy on wellness.  There are so many successful health coaches & wellness professionals out there!  And I’m so glad there are because there are so many people to connect with and help.  I know how passionate and knowledgable I am about food & a healthy approach to eating.  That’s all that matters.

#5: I’m really proud of the Resource Library I created on my site:

You guys… 6 months ago I was writing legal briefs and arguing motions in Court.  Last week, I figured out how to create a new page on my site, add a password-protected sequence, and develop a resource library full of free PDF downloads. Maybe this means nothing to you, but I’m just proud that I’m learning new things outside of my comfort zone!

coffee talk hygge wellness health coach

I created this free resource library so you guys can grab things like my:

Hope you enjoy it!

I would also love to hear about what’s going on in your lives. I love talking to my friends, hearing about what they’re up to, swapping recipes, learning new things, etc.

What would you tell me about what’s going on in your life if we met up today? If you don’t want to share here, email me and let me know ☺️

Thanks for coffee talk – ing with me! I would love to make this a monthly series, so let me know if you guys like it ☺️



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  • Monique says:

    YAY! Look at all of those accomplishments- that’s amazing! I especially love the piece about “staying in your own lane”- I have to remind RM about this & getting out of the comparison trap whenever he gets down. So important to focus on YOU, although it’s hard to not compare to everyone else around you

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