6 Time-Saving Healthy Living Apps & Services

Hi, friends! How are you? If you’re in the Northeast, I hope you made it through the snowstorm without much fuss. We lost power for most of the day here, but all-in-all it was a really nice, hygge day.  Since I’ve tried pretty much all healthy living apps or services out there which helps you save time (and $!), I thought I’d put all my favorite healthy resources into a blog post for you.

When I use a health-focused app or service, I need it to…

I tried every single one of the apps or services I recommend below. Since I’m not sponsored by any of them, I offer an unbiased opinion ☺️ They all have good & bad points. But overall, they all match my ‘criteria’ from above.

#1 // Blue Apron

Ah, Blue Apron! It’s the meal service you see the most of if you read healthy living blogs. A lot of bloggers are sponsored by them, so you don’t always get the best info about it. But overall, I really liked my experience using Blue Apron for 2 months or so.

If you like to cook and want to cook as an “activity” at the end of your day, Blue Apron is for you. The recipes aren’t super easy (at least most of them) and they definitely take time to cook. In my experience, they took longer than what the recipe cards suggested.

daily eats hygge wellness samantha vander wielen

For me, the amount of time didn’t matter so much because I love, love, love to cook. Also, I felt like the recipes were a little more involved (and therefore, tastier) than other services I’ve tried. I learned SO much about technique, new ingredients, and making sauces, too. Overall, I really liked my experienced using BA.

But I could see why Blue Apron wouldn’t work for someone who gets home from work late, doesn’t love to cook, or hates using 13 bowls and 2 pans to make 1 meal (usually without leftovers).

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#2 // Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a very similar service to Blue Apron.  I thought the Hello Fresh recipes were a little more straightforward and less time intensive.  On the other hand, they weren’t quite as ‘fancy’ as anything I tried through Blue Apron.

healthy living apps hygge wellness samantha vander wielen health coach

I really like the recipes I did try, though! I also thought Hello Fresh’s veggie plan was really good. The recipes were always unique and inventive in their use of veggies or plant-based proteins. I appreciate that neither Blue Apron or Hello Fresh use meat substitutes or processed-soy products as the basis for their veggie meals. They really helped me to get creative and learn about how to highlight a vegetable as the main meal.

#3 // Instacart

Now this is a HUGE timesaver! Instacart is a grocery shopping service that, at least in my area, will go to Whole Foods, Costco, or Acme for you, pick out your selected items, and deliver it straight to your door. No more driving to the store, fighting for a parking spot, spending 1+ hour in a crowded store, and heading home to unload. They do it all for you!

My clients have really loved using this service. They’re all super busy, want to eat well, and love how they can schedule a shopping trip and drop-off at a time that works for them. As someone who still loves to create her own recipes and cook from scratch, Instacart was a great find.

I also recommend my clients combine Instacart with a meal-delivery service like Blue Apron/Hello Fresh.  With BA or HF, you still need snacks, breakfasts, lunches, etc. When I first started ordering from BA/HF, I wasn’t really saving much time (or money) because I still went to the store to get everything else I needed for the week.

The first thing people ask me when I tell them about Instacart is whether they pick high quality produce out for you. Yes! In my experience, they really do! Sometimes the store is out of something you order, though. The Instacart employees I’ve had contact me right away (by text) and let me know the product is out and even recommend a substitute.

If you want to give Instacart a try, here’s a $10 free credit to get started!

#4 // Snap Kitchen

If Blue Apron and Instacart had a baby, it would be Snap Kitchen ☺️ Snap Kitchen makes healthy, pre-made meals, snacks, shakes, & juices for busy people who want to stay fit on-the-go. They have locations in Texas, Chicago, and Philly (woot, woot!!).

healthy living apps hygge wellness samantha vander wielen health coachIf you’re super busy and don’t even have time to make Blue Apron meals from scratch, or make your own meals with ingredients you get from Instacart, Snap is for you. You just walk in, select your meals (they even have color coded labels on the boxes that correspond with meals/protein sources), and head out the door.

Snap has gone 1 step further to make it even easier to shop with them. They created a new app which allows you to select everything you want from your phone. Then, you head into the store and they have everything you ordered already packed in a bag for you. Download their new app & then use the link below to get $10 free to order a meal or snack to try.

Get a $10 credit free to try a meal, snack, or juice –> $10 CREDIT!

#5 // Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app that offers 10 minute guided meditations. Each guided meditation comes with an adorable animated video, too. I don’t know about you — but I’m a visual person, and the videos make all the difference for me.

healthy living apps hygge wellness samantha vander wielen health coach

I don’t know if Headspace necessarily qualifies as a timesaver, but I think it makes meditation practice really straightforward. Plus, all of their guided meditations are only 10 minutes long. It’s the perfect amount of time! You can always find 10 minutes to fit in this very important practice.

Get 10 free meditation sessions here

#6 //  Stitch Fix

Self-care includes all aspects of our lives — including doing things that make us comfortable and confident. I’m not a huge shopper (other than grocery shopping lol!) and so I fell in love with the concept of Stitch Fix. I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now, but if you haven’t, Stitch Fix is a clothing service that sends you a box of clothes to try on based on your preferences & style. It’s like having a store delivered to your doorstep!

I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this sooner. You get to try clothes on from the comfort of your home instead of a store with terrible lighting and no pieces from your closet to try it on with.

You keep what you want from the box they send you, and send back the rest (free shipping!). Granted, the boxes can be hit or miss. I’ve had some where I had to restrain myself from keeping everything and I’ve had others where I sent the whole box back. It helps if you’re super specific in your style profile, but that’s not necessarily a guarantee.

I still think it’s worth trying! It’s super fun to try on things at home & I’ve purchased some of my most unique pieces from Stitch Fix boxes.

If you want to try Stitch Fix, you can sign up here (my referral link — which you get one of when you sign up!)

So, what you think of these services and apps? Would they help you save time, money, or stay on track with health? What are some other time-saving apps you love? 

(This post contains some affiliate links which provide with me with a small credit for signing up.  It doesn’t affect the price of any service or app. This post was not sponsored. Thank you for helping me and my small business.)

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