5 Things To Add To Your Diet After Vacation [yep, I said add]

Good morning! How was your weekend? I spent the last week or so in Chicago — my favorite (U.S.) city (I’ll recap it soon!). I used to feel like I needed to cleanse or detox post-vacation. Now, I have a gentler, healthier way to get back into the swing of things. Today’s post is for any of you who have felt like you need to go on a post-vacation diet to “work off” or “make up for” things you enjoyed while away.

As for my weekend, I got to spend time with my in-laws, eat plenty of awesome food, and enjoy some unseasonably beautiful weather. All in all, it was a great weekend. ☺️

Like any mini-vacation, I also had more wine than usual, plenty more treats, and ate all of my meals out at restaurants. I absolutely love traveling and these days, I’m happy to go with the flow of eating and drinking differently than I usually do.

Funny enough, since I started eating more intuitively, I find that I naturally gravitate towards healthy, filling meals no matter where I am because I listen to my body & honor what it craves. So while away, I ate lots & lots of healthy, whole foods-based meals. But I also a lot of things I don’t usually eat too often.

vacation diet

I totally enjoyed each thing I ate or drank this weekend because I mindfully chose it. I was on vacation and I wanted to eat everything I ate. So I did & I enjoyed it. There’s no guilt or shame for mindfully choosing something you want to enjoy. But because I eat mostly whole/plant foods when I’m home, my body isn’t exactly thanking me after a few days of indulgences.

Before we left, I mentioned to my husband, Ryan, that I was looking forward to adding more fruits and vegetables back in my diet, some strength training, and more healthy/natural sweet treats. He mentioned how he loves how I add to my diet, not restrict or remove, when I’m feeling a little less than my usual self. And boom… an idea for this post was born!

So today I’ll share with you how I’m getting back into the swing of things post-vacation in a healthy, mindful way. I won’t recommend a detox, cleanse, or juice challenge. Just whole foods, more water, and simple strength training.

1 // Eat Like a PRO

Normally, I try to eat like a PRO and ensure my meals are full of PROduce and PROtein. I don’t do this to skimp on calories or because I’m on any sort of diet, but because I feel my best when I fill my body with plenty of plant foods, lean proteins, beans, etc. These are all foods I truly enjoy and love eating — I don’t have to force or coax myself to eat them.

I always remind my clients that if they don’t like broccoli, kale, spinach, or some other veggie, just eat what you do love. You don’t have to force something if you don’t like it. There are so many variations out there and you’re more likely to stick with eating things you truly enjoy. So don’t waste another second forcing down that kale. Go out and grab what you actually like.

So how do I try to eat like a PRO? Add more greens at breakfast, snack on raw veggies and plenty of hummus (my fav!), lots of yummy salads for lunch (because I really, really love salad — weird, I know!), and lean protein + veggies for dinner. Again, this is what makes me feel good, gives me energy, fills me up, etc. – so that’s why I want to focus on eating this way.

2 // Add More Water

For some reason, I just don’t drink nearly as much water as I need or want to on vacation. I brought my empty water bottle with me and everything. I am happy about the fact that I enjoyed (tons of) Intelligentsia coffee, fresh fruit juices, and tea over the weekend, but I think I’m a bit dehydrated at this point.

I’ll add more water back into my daily routine by carrying my LifeFactory water bottle around with me all the time. That way, it’s always within in reach & easy to get more water in throughout the day.

3 // Add More Greens

I am lucky that I truly love salads. A lot of my clients will tell me they would like to like salads, but they don’t because they can’t stay full on them. If they really want to enjoy more salads, I can teach them how to have a balanced, satisfying salad that will keep them full for hours. We also talk about how if they’re feeling hungry, it might be a good idea to honor that hunger by enjoying a snack between meals.

vacation diet

I eat tons of salad when I’m home, but it always feels a little boring to order when I’m on vacation. There were so many other things to try! But after a few days of being away from home, my body usually signals to me that it’s craving leafy greens, crunchy veggies, and one of my favorite vinaigrette dressings.

4 // Add Strength Training

One of the great things about visiting a city on vacation is how much walking you get to do. I absolutely LOVE to walk! I used to be really into intense, high-impact workouts. Actually, I thrived on them! Within the last year or so, I’ve come to love more gentle, relaxed workouts and forms of movement. Walking is definitely one of them.

According to my phone, I walked over 24,000 steps on Saturday, 17,000 on Friday and 18,000 on Thursday alone! Not too shabby. I don’t walk or move anymore to hit any target or to track it (I tried that, and it drove me a little batty). I just walked — because that was our mode of transportation, because the weather was beautiful, and because that’s what we wanted to do. It just felt good.

But I know me and my body, and I know that I need and crave some sort of strength training, even if it’s not as intense as it used to be. So I’ll make sure to incorporate a few strength training sessions this week when I get back home.

5 // Mindfully Enjoy Sugar/Treats

Remember: I’m not going on any sort of sugar detox or anything. It’s just that I enjoyed a few more treats than usual while away because I wanted to. But I certainly don’t feel good (or as good) when I eat that way. And it’s for THAT reason (that I don’t feel as good when I eat too many sweets) that I’m pulling back on many treats I’ll have.

That doesn’t mean I won’t have any sweets. It just means I’m going back to my normal way of eating — which is mindfully choosing which treats I want to enjoy. At least in my experience, when I’ve tried going on a total “sugar detox” in the past, I just end up putting sugar on a pedestal and almost fantasizing about it.

What are some ways you like to get back into the swing of things after vacation? What’s worked for you in the past? Does my way of mindfully and gently getting back into the swing of things sound like it would help you achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

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